Back tattoos

The lower back, spinal or lumber area of the body lends itself very well to this type of body art. Tribal designs are generally a single dark color intertwined into an exaggerated V shape.
They can be more eye-catching with the addition of symbols or motifs or some color into the



Selection number one. Back tattoos 1-12.
Tribal designs incorporating dragons, butterflies and the Japanese script of Kanji.

Selection number two. Photos 13-24.
A goldfish another butterfly tribal design and a pair of eyes as part of a face.

Selection number three. Photos 25-36.
A stylized cat and a Celtic knot are included in this lower back tattoo picture gallery.

Selection number four. Photos 37-48.
Breaching Dolphins with a tribal pattern in the background and a similar design with roses.

Selection number five. Photos 49-60.
Mainly photos of monochrome traditional tribal designs for the lower back.

Selection number six. Photos 61-72.
Some Angel wings on the pelvis and a Celtic knot in a star design can be found here.

Selection number seven. Photos 73-84.
A lotus flower is a common eastern mystical symbol that is often incorporated in a lower back design.

Selection number eight. Photos 85-96.
A butterfly can be easily incorporated in to a back tattoo due to its symmetry.

Selection number nine. Photos 97-108.
Monochrome tribal designs can include isolated splashes of color.

Selection number ten. Photos 109-120.
Lower back tattoo designs can be very ornate even with just a single color.


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