Lower back
tattoo designs

The lower back, spinal or lumber area of the body lends itself very well to this type of body art. Since the lower part of the back is basically a large flat area, so there are no obvious limitations, however, designs for this part of the body tend to be vaguely elliptic or V shaped.



Number one. Lower back tattoo designs 1-12.
Several butterfly designs can be found here along with a pair of leopards eyes.

Selection number two. Designs 13-24.
A novel back tattoo is included in this section it depicts Roadrunner and Wile E Coyote.

Selection number three. Designs 25-36.
Butterflies and flowers are included in this lower back tattoo design gallery.

Selection number four. Designs 37-48.
Winged creatures, either real or mythical are popular subjects for this type of body art.

Selection number five. Designs 49-60.
Mainly photos of floral tattoos with lotus flowers a popular mystical choice.

Selection number six. Designs 61-72.
One of the photographs here depicts two dragons facing each other and a sword.

Selection number seven. Designs 73-84.
A Tsunami is an interesting and original subject for a lower back tat.

Selection number eight. Designs 85-96.
Twelve photographs of pelvis body art to assist in your quest to find inspiration.

Selection number nine. Designs 97-108.
A pair of lifelike feminine eyes are another interesting take on the subject.

Selection number ten. Designs 109-120.
A flower is a common symbol that is often incorporated in a lower back design.


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