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dedicated to giving you great pictures of lower back tattoos.

We have split the hundreds of photos and pictures of lower back tattoos into four sections. The first is full of photographs of the familiar monochrome tribal designs that are typically based on intertwining patterns rather than pictures sometimes with a symbol incorporated such as a heart as with the example pictured. The second section has photos also but the designs are more colorful with either a picture as part of the design or the entire tattoo is pictorial as in the example pictured. In section three you will find similar designs to section one and two with the exception that they are pictures of the original art work rather than photographs of the finished tattoo.

The only site
around created just for tattoos on the small of the back.

The origins of body art in this area are ancient, however it has become particularly popular in recent years especially with women as the shape suits the wider hips of the female form and if correctly chosen a design can extenuate or appear to reduce as required. The proliferation of tattoos on the base of the spine has no doubt added to the popularity of hipster trousers and jeans. This site is supported by advertising we hope your visit isn't spoiled. We are a commercial organization and as such have overheads to pay. If you would prefer not to receive popup advertising
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